About AbMat®

The AbMat® is used in thousands of boxes by tens of thousands of gym-goers and athletes around the world. For two decades now the AbMat® has been a staple in every kind of fitness routine imaginable. Boxes around the world recognize the AbMat’s® superior performance and technical benefits. Everyone in fitness is looking for an edge and gym owners are no different. We work with gym owners of all sizes to help them create and personalize AbMats® branding their own gym or box. Contact us to regarding customizing AbMats® for your box today!

AbMats are proudly Made in the U.S.A.

Our History:

  • The AbMat was invented in 1997 by world renown strength coach Fred Koch
  • The Original AbMat forever changed the situp and the most effective abdominal training tool on the market
  • Only the best foam and vinyl are used in manufacturing AbMats